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UK - living bridge
“United Kingdom to India—a “Living Bridge”: Celebrating 25 Positively Eventful Years (1996 – 2021)”. Indian Journal of Surgery (Editorial, May 2021)
“Remembering ‘Nanna’—a Life Well Lived (16 November 1928 – 22 November 2020)”. Indian Journal of Surgery. 83 (2): 608 – 613 (April 2021)
Indian Journal of Surgery
“2020—the Year That Was!”. Indian Journal of Surgery. 82 (6): 991 – 998 (Editorial, Dec 2020)
Indian Journal of Surgery
“Vision 2020—”Creative Leadership and Accountable Governance”. Indian Journal of Surgery. 82 (1): 1 – 5 (Editorial, Feb 2020)
Indian Solutions for Indian Problems
“Indian Solutions for Indian Problems—Association of Breast Surgeons of India (ABSI) Practical Consensus Statement, Recommendations, and Guidelines for the Treatment of Breast Cancer in India”. The Indian Journal of Surgery. 79 (4): 275 – 285 (Review article, Aug 2020)
Breast Cancer Global Quality Care
"Breast Cancer Global Quality Care"; Chapter 35: Breast Cancer Global Quality Care (pages 371 – 376), Oxford University Press. Oxford University Press. p. 35 (Chapter, Nov. 2019)
Bailey & Love Companion Guide
Bailey & Love Companion Guide – Chapter 53, 448-464, CRC Press(Taylor & Francis group), London (Chapter, 2015)
Breast Healthcare in India
"Breast Healthcare in India". Ann R Coll Surg Engl (Suppl); 93:250–252 (Invited article, 2011)
Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology
Guest Editorial - "Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology 1(1):2" (Editorial, Aug 2010)
self exam
Breast awareness and breast Self Examination are not the same. European Journal of Cancer. 2008 Oct;44(15):2118-21 (Position Paper, 2008)
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
‘Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Recent Advances in Surgery’, 2009,Vol.32; Chapter 2, 11-26. Edited by Prof. Irving Taylor & CD Johnson, Royal Society of Medicine Publication, London (Chapter, 2009)
Indian Journal of Surgery
"Oncoplastic surgery for retro areolar breast cancer — a technical modification of the Grisotti flap" (Review article). Indian Journal of Surgery. 69 (4): 160–162. (Review article, Aug 2007)
overseas doctors
"Surgical training for overseas doctors in the UK – Facts,realities and solutions" Indian J Surg 2004;66:265-9 (Oct. 2004)

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