Invited speaker, INK 2018

INK talks – equivalent of TED talks – this year focused on creating ‘billionaires of moments’, which is a way of redefining success— how many great, inspiring moments you have created for yourself and others,”
Dr. Raghu Ram was invited to speak in the REGIONAL LANGUAGE session introduced for the First time @ INK. He spoke in his ‘mother tongue’ – Telugu about his mother and the landmark initiatives introduced in his motherland that have transformed the delivery of breast healthcare in India.

In his talk, Dr Raghu Ram said ” sadly, in this day & age, children in schools have the option to make Hindi & regional language their ‘third language’ option and are moving away from speaking and writing in their mother tongue. We must take great pride in celebrating our regional languages – we must actively encourage our children to speak in our mother tongue – otherwise we will lose our identity & relevance in the world”